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Why give to Hearts for Hearing?

Hearts for Hearing could not exist without the generous support of donors in the community. It is very costly to provide comprehensive, collaborative care that requires two professionals, an audiologist and a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist, for most appointments. To be a good steward of donor dollars, insurance, if available, is always billed, but in most cases, the specialty services provided by both professionals is not covered or has low reimbursement rates by insurance providers. Thus, your gift will cover the hearing technology and specialized care that are necessary to optimize the listening and spoken language abilities of a child with hearing loss in the state of Oklahoma.

But more importantly why should you give to Hearts for Hearing? Give so a baby boy can hear his Mom’s voice for the first time. Give so a little girl can tell her Daddy secrets. Give so the little boy with hearing aids can go to his neighborhood classroom and answer the questions asked by his teacher. Give today, so every child in Oklahoma who has a hearing loss has the chance to listen and talk like his or her normal hearing peers. Your gift changes a child’s life from one lived in a world of silence to a life filled with conversations, music, laughter, and possibility.

Donor Spotlight: David Le Norman

Following his tour at Hearts for Hearing, we sat down with David Le Norman, Founder & Managing Partner of Reign Capital Holdings LLC, and asked his impressions of our facilities, technology and service offerings. Le Norman was an early supporter of our mission and was eager to see where we are today.

“You have given my daughter spoken language, a gift you can’t put a price tag on.”
Abbey Billingsley


Donations help give children with hearing loss the opportunity to learn to listen and talk.