Our Approach

Hearts for Hearing creates life-changing opportunities for children with hearing loss to listen for a lifetime. Our team of audiologists and speech-language pathologists work together to provide you with the tools you need to optimize your child’s listening and spoken language abilities. Our speech-language pathologists are also certified (or working toward certification) as Listening and Spoken Language Specialists, which means they have specialized training to support the unique needs of children who have hearing loss.

Historically, the families of children with hearing loss have visited separate clinics to see a pediatric audiologist and a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist. At Hearts for Hearing, our pediatric audiologists and Listening and Spoken Language Specialists work together with the shared goal of ensuring your child’s listening and spoken language needs are met at each session. We intentionally include a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist in most pediatric audiology appointments to support your child and family and to ensure we obtain comprehensive and accurate test results and provide optimal intervention as needed.

To read more about the services and support we offer for children with hearing loss learning to listen and talk, visit our Hearing Loss Solutions page. 


Donations help give children with hearing loss the opportunity to learn to listen and talk.